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Πολυθρόνα Siris


Πολυθρόνα Siris

Μοναδικό design και αναπαυτικό κάθισμα. Η πολυθρόνα Siris είναι αυτό που αναζητούσες για την αλλαγή στο χώρο σου, καθώς μπορεί να τοποθετηθεί σε κάθε δωμάτιο.Υφάσματα αλέκιαστα και αδιάβροχα.

Eta armchair

The ETA recliner is an ergonomically designed armchair that has been studied in detail to make it ideal for furnishing a home, a meeting room or the office, but also for a special relaxing corner with a more elegant style.

The upper backs of the seats can be tilted forward by hand.

Siris armchair

Unique design and comfortable seat. The Siris armchair is what you were looking for to change your space, as it can be placed in any room.